For an example of any of these tools CLICK HERE


Spanish Translator, Code Generator

This will add this Spanish translator tag to the top right of your website this link will vanish after five seconds.


Your Website URL:

Mobile App Button, Code Generator

This will put this app button at the top center of your website. So when someone visits your site from a mobile device this button is right at the top center of their device.


Mobile URL: URL found: Home/ Agent Website/ Section 4.5


<OG Facebook image embed, Code Generator

1. Create an image 1200 X 630 or skip steps 1 and 2 and use one of the images provided.

2. Host that image ex:

3. Put the URL in the generator below

4. Put code on ML website

5. Load your website URL into click debug then click fetch new scrape information until you see your new image.


ogimage  Here are some images you can use.

findhome forsale


Home and money on hand, vector bwmag

Click on the image then copy the URL displayed in your browser.

Image URL:
Facebook will automatically use the image closest to the size of 1200 X 630 

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